Digimon Data Squad Wild Boy of the Digital World

Who will be able to digivolve to the next level? WILD BOY OF THE DIGITAL WORLD is the brand new Digimon DVD single release from the exciting Digimon Data Squad series. Contains 5 action packed episodes sure to please fans. Follow new adventures with Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, Yoshi, Lalamon and Gaomon. See the DATS team make their way to the Infinite Ice Ridge where they battle Gotsumon and Mammothmon. Meet amazing new Digimon like Pteramon, Boarmon, Machgaogamon and SaberLeomon. See what awaits the DATS team as they forge ahead on this next journey

Episode includes:
The Wild Boy of the Digital World
The Gorge of Deception
Falcomon: Friend or Foe
Yoshi s Biggest Battle: The One with Herself
The Clash With Merukimon


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