The Art of Monsters vs. Aliens

This official illustrated tie-in book showcases over 400 spectacular images from DreamWorks Animation first feature film produced in digital 3-D technology. The Art of Monsters vs. Aliens is a spectacular, full-color book celebrating DreamWorks Animation’s first film using groundbreaking InTru(tm)3D that transports the world of stereoscopic animation to a bold new level. This lavishly illustrated volume features: more than 400 images of concept art, character design, and architectural plans * insider information about the creative process buy behind developing the story and the characters * descriptions of the animating, rigging, surfacing, and lighting processes; and creating an all-new 3D environment. The original story reinvents the classic monster movie into an entertaining modern-day action comedy. The Art of Monsters vs. Aliens is a book for anyone who loves moviemaking, animation, art, and big blue gobs of superheroes. The Story: When California girl Susan (more…)

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