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Digimon Data Squad Wild Boy of the Digital World

Who will be able to digivolve to the next level? WILD BOY OF THE DIGITAL WORLD is the brand new Digimon DVD single release from the exciting Digimon Data Squad series. Contains 5 action packed episodes sure to please fans. Follow new adventures with Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, Yoshi, Lalamon and Gaomon. See the DATS team make their way to the Infinite Ice Ridge where they battle Gotsumon and Mammothmon. Meet amazing new Digimon like Pteramon, Boarmon, Machgaogamon and SaberLeomon. See what awaits the DATS team as they forge ahead on this next journey

Episode includes:
The Wild Boy of the Digital World
The Gorge of Deception
Falcomon: Friend or Foe
Yoshi s Biggest Battle: The One with Herself
The Clash With Merukimon


Digimon World Data Squad

Masaru Daimon is both a smart 14 year old and an undefeated street fighter, but he does not fight with his fists alone. As a member of the secretive Digital Accident Tactics Squad – DATS, Masaru and his team are investigating the disappearance of numerous kids. During the course of the investigation, the Seven Demon Kings arrive in the world, wreaking havoc across the planet. As Masaru, it is up to you to find the missing kids and defeat the deadly Seven Demon Kings and their evil minions. Team up with a large variety of Digimon to battle evil and solve complex puzzles together. As you and your Digimon partners increase in skill and find new items, your Digimon can be upgraded through leveling up and Digivolution. Control over 140 Digimon and evolve them to be powerful enough to save the world!


Digimon Limited Edition Collectors Box Set: The Complete First SeasonNo description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.

Digimon Digital Monster - Digivice Data Link Mega Burst MirageGao Mega-Burst     ##20348

From the Manufacturer

The Digimon line is based on the 5th TV season of Digimon: Data Squad currently airing on Jetix Block on Toon Disney. The new Digivice DataLink is the newest electronic toy for a boy that enables them to enact fierce battles with their virtual Digimon monsters.


ATV Axles

Digimon Data Squad Collection One (3pc) (Ws Box)

This first ever Digimon Data Squad Collection One set contains 13 full episodes from the newest Digimon series. Follow the adventures of Marcus, a cool junior high school student, and his favorite Digimon Agumon as they investigate their way through the Digital World battling Digital Monsters in exciting and different situations. Marcus best friends Thomas and Yoshino with their Digimon partners Gaomon and Lalamon join in the adventures and help challenge and battle strong opponents along the way. Experience the final Digimon series like never before.EPISODES INCLUDEThere are Monsters Among UsMarcus’ Inner StrenghtThe Return of ThomasThe New Team of Marcus and ThomasDigital World, Here We ComeThe Ultimate Team No MoreA Birthday Kristy Will Never ForgetThe Singer’s SecretNever Meet Your HeroesCurse This Curse-Marcus’ Bad DayThe Vile Of VilemonThe Digi-egg That Fell To EarthThe Rise of Greymon