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Sector 9 Drakes Complete Longboard 46`

At 46″ the Sector 9 Drake’s is the longest board in the Cosmic series. Great for cruising at high speeds, and surfing the streets the Drake’s is a great board for bigger riders who want the Cosmic 1 or 2 feel but with added length and less flex. With a nice amount of flex to make for smooth riding and flowing turns, the Deserter also sports a kicktail that can be used to help you maneuver around tight spots or lift the nose up over a curb. The Drake’s is a great super cruiser style longboard. Comes complete with Gullwing trucks, 70mm 75A Nineball Wheels, and Abec 5 PDP

Sale Price:$162.48

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Sector 9 Nicaragua Complete Longboard 38`

With a bright, colorful, heat-pressed photo as its graphic, the Nicaragua looks as fantastic as it rides. A 4-ply hard-rock maple/fiberglass combo make this a perfect board for someone looking for visual appeal as well as the classic Sector 9 ride. Light concave through the deck makes for a comfortable ride, and the board sports a small kicktail for those sharper turns. It also has a little bit of flex to spring back after carves. Complete with 65mm/78a Nineball Wheels, Gullwing Mission 1 trucks, and Abec-5

Sale Price:$164.98

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Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard, 8.8 x 27.5 – Inches

A true Cruzer board! Straight from the shaping room of Santa Cruz surfboards. This high performance twin fin has evolved to rip on land! Equipped with Bullet B137 blue and white trucks. 65mm translucent blue 78a Road Rider wheels. Full top and bottom graphics along with sand spray grip. The only thing this thing is missing is the smelly wet

Sale Price:$112.95

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