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Patagonia Kindle Case (Fits 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

Patagonia Kindle Case (Fits 6

Combining eco-conscienceness with function, the Patagonia Book Case for 2nd Generation Kindle provides great protection in a 100% recycled polyester shell. The screen can be viewed while in the water-resistant case, so you can read and protect at the same time. A poly-mesh handle makes carrying a breeze, and the plastic zipper means that you won’t experience metal-interference during wireless access.


The Amazon Kindle FAQ (Kindle Edition)

The Amazon Kindle FAQ

How do you turn your Kindle on? What’s Whispernet? Can I buy a Kindle book for a friend? Can I use my Kindle on a cruise? All of these questions–more than 200 in all–are answered in The Amazon Kindle FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). According to one reviewer, “This book contains a ton of information, written in a pleasant and user friendly style.” The questions started as a thread on the Amazon Kindle discussion forum. In this book they have been pulled together, answers expanded and clarified, and organized into twelve chapters. Navigation links to move from chapter to chapter quickly and easily have been included. All answers have been carefully researched and tested. Whether you are a new Kindle owner or an “old pro,” (more…)

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (Fits Latest Generation Kindle and Kindle DX) [For shipment in the U.S only]

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (Fits Latest Generation Kindle and Kindle DX) [For shipment in the U.S only]

Replace or supplement your Kindle power adapter with a spare. This adapter is the same as the one that ships in the box with your latest generation Kindle (U.S. Wireless), Kindle (U.S. & International Wireless) or Kindle DX. Simply plug the adapter into a U.S. wall outlet and connect to your Kindle’s micro USB port for recharging. Supports 100v-240v. U.S. plug only. Not compatible with non-U.S. outlets. The power adapter’s detachable USB cable can be used to connect your Kindle to a computer or USB hub for either powering your Kindle through the computer or for transferring compatible files. See the Kindle User’s Guide for instructions and important safety information.