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30,000 Years of Art (Hardcover)

30,000 Years of Art

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. This enormous, extraordinary collection brings together 1000 high-quality color illustrations, showcasing the evolution of creative arts over diverse cultures from prehistoric to modern times. Arranged chronologically, each piece is given its own page and a condensed summary of its provenance, key features and cultural context. Book-ended by a ritual “lion man” figurine from 28,000 B.C. found in a cave in southern Germany, and an as-yet-unfinished environmental sculpture by American artist James Turrell (materials: “Extinct volcano and light”), it also contains two time-lines, one covering major movements in the 13 cultures represented (Mesopotamia, Iran and the Arabian Peninsula; Anato (more…)

Super Crafty: Over 75 Amazing How-to Projects! (Paperback)

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The crafts scene is thriving as Gens X and Y embrace hobbies (rejected as too middlebrow by their baby boomer parents) in order to create something beautiful, functional, and unique. With its sleek design and edgy tone, Super Crafty is the ultimate hipster’s craft guide, with a wide array of accessible projects suitable for all skill levels. The book offers dozens of projects for the home (Easy Etched Glass), wardrobe (One-Afternoon Skirt), body (Flirty Floral Pasties), family pet (Greta’s Tail Warmer), and more. Organized by genre, each chapter uses a rating system to indicate difficulty, cost of materials, and age-appropriateness. “101” sections offer basic instruction in sewing, working with vinyl, jewelry making, and (more…)

Navaro Rapids, c.1855 Poster Print by Ando Hiroshige, 24×36

Navaro Rapids, c.1855 Poster   Print by Ando Hiroshige, 24x36

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The Craft (Special Edition) (1996)

The Craft (Special Edition)


If Buffy the Vampire Slayer represents the lighter side of high school as a macabre experience, here’s a movie that asks the burning question, “What happens when angst-ridden teenagers develop supernatural powers?” More to the point, how do four outcast teenaged witches handle their ability to cast wicked spells on the taunting classmates who’ve nicknamed them “The Bitches of Eastwick”? The answer, of course, is “don’t get mad, get even.” That’s about all there is to this terminally silly movie, which makes up for its ludicrous plot by letting its young female cast have a field day as they indulge their dark fantasies. Fairuza Balk is enjoyable as the most wicked of the witches, and is therefore the focus of the f (more…)

Mini La Newborn 9.5″ Real Girl Pink Blanket Caucasian Berenguer Doll

Mini La Newborn 9.5

These all-vinyl mini treasures make perfect gifts! They are so cute and fit in your hand. This is the anatomically correct real girl with pink blanket variety. They come in an assortment of outfits and ethnicities, to make it easy to find the perfect one for you. The Specialty Play Doll Collection is made up of a wonderful range of dolls that are an amazing mix of quality, design and playability. This collection is perfect for doll enthusiasts that want a lot from their play dolls. They are available in a variety of three different expressions which are selected at random. In stock and ready to ship!