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Sector 9 Shattered Complete Longboard 38.5`

The Sector 9 Shattered combines tight turns with a stable base. Gullwing Sidewinder trucks let this board dance circles around just about anything and the 2 kingpins in each truck let the board lean over at ridiculous angles. Match those with a 38″ board and drop through mounted trucks and you’ve not only got a board that rips through carves, but is stable as well. Slalom style Nineball wheels grip the road tightly. This board excels at cruising, carving, commuting, and can even hold its own on small

Sale Price:$189.87

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Billy Blazes Firefighter (Rescue Heroes)

“If it’s a four-alarm fire and spreading fast, it’s a job for Billy Blazes and his amazing water cannon!” That’s the motto of this Rescue Hero. Parents may want know that his “water” cannon doesn’t actually spray water, but it’s easy to imagine it does. Billy is decked out in full firefighter gear, complete with rain slicker, boots, gloves, and helmet. His action pack/water cannon is interchangeable and compatible with other Rescue Heroes action figures. –Chris Livesay


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Safari Down on the Farm Mega Toob

Twice as big as our award winning standard Toob® for twice the fun! Value packed with even more playability. Enough pieces to share with a friend! Convenient carry-along acetate tube makes them great for trips or to just about anywhere. Discover the frontiers of your imagination with these miniature worlds created only by Safari Ltd. Besides the fun you will have collecting them all, they are ideal for school projects. All our products are phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child’s health. Safari Ltd takes pride in providing breathtaking, innovative and value priced figures for now over 3 generations. Featured is our Down on the Farm Mega Toob®. Mega Toob® includes: Randomly selected 24 figures from our Down on the Farm and Farm

Sale Price:$12.29

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